Home Internet A Helpful Guide to Make Your First YouTube Intro Video From Scratch

A Helpful Guide to Make Your First YouTube Intro Video From Scratch

A Helpful Guide to Make Your First YouTube Intro Video From Scratch

It’s tough to take a video on YouTube seriously because so much content is flooding YouTube every minute. You’ll need a powerful opening sequence to easily stand out to your potential following, which could include potential customers or sales leads. A great intro will make a difference in whether your viewers are interested in sticking around and watching your video or tuning out and moving on. They may look like minor details you can afford to ignore if you want to, but if you want people to pay attention to what your company has to say, using the perfect YouTube intro is essential!

Experienced YouTubers know that the intro is one of the most important aspects of a video. Viewers won’t watch something they don’t think they’ll enjoy. Before they even see your video, they’re judging it based on whether or not they thought the intro would be relevant to them, and if it turned out to be contrary, they wouldn’t return. To rank high in search results and make your content viral, focus on the attractive, clear, authoritative intro. Be selective with using keywords to communicate what your audience could expect from it and what put it together. Good introductions will draw viewers genuinely interested in your topic and your approach to covering it.

What exactly is a YouTube intro?

YouTube intros aren’t the easiest things to make. They are a little tricky. If you want your viewers to stick around and watch that video through, then you need to make an introduction video. The intro video should include at least one of your channel’s most notable features and a few animations with the help of a good intro generator . Hence, it’s more visually appealing and has some signature music. YouTube intros don’t just have to go at the beginning of videos; they can also be added to help introduce each part to a multipart series of connected short films. Clearly explain why you are doing this and what the result is supposed to be.


What Is the Purpose of Creating a YouTube Intro?

YouTube intros are a powerful way of luring audiences and keeping them on your video channel. They will serve their purpose in capturing the attention of your viewers right off the bat and directly into your content. They also instill brand consistency throughout all of your videos. The fun part about your YouTube intros is that they can be easily used in all future videos once you create a successful one.

Learn how to create your professional Intro videos with this step-by-step guide.

Intro videos are a great way to give your viewers a quick intro to your brand. It’s a great way to grab their attention and make them want to explore your site.

 Preferred Intro Aspect ratio

A YouTube video intro should be kept to under 5 seconds for maximum viewer engagement. However, anything longer than 25 seconds will result in a 50% decrease in viewers as it’s likely that they’ll skip or click away early before your video has even started. Like all YouTube videos, it is preferred that your content plays in full-screen mode. The aspect ratio for this format is 16:9. If your video doesn’t have this specific aspect ratio, the best thing to do before uploading it is to resize it using a free video resizer tool to play back perfectly.

Send a Strong and Coherent Message

A good YouTube intro may be summed up in one word: concision. Don’t make it confusing by using unfamiliar or ambiguous language. Whether you added text or sent it to a voiceover artist, ensure the message is clear and comprehensive with no room for doubt. Boring messages that try to embellish the point of your video often push viewers away to other channels.

Create a distinct visual appearance for your brand

One of the best ways to cement your spot in the market is to develop a brand, logo, and overall theme for your YouTube channel. It would help to stay consistent with these standards throughout all social media platforms. New YouTube viewers will immediately recognize your brand when visiting other accounts related to yours.

For example: Is there some color you’d want your channel’s banner painted? Is there something related to typography unique to how you design your content? What are the things which make your channel different from others already created on the platform “YouTube”? On top of that, you must keep consistency in mind – anything you use for your logo should be used as often as possible to imprint familiarity upon your audience when they visit many other places online, listing all the channels you participate in.


When you wantTo your YouTube channel, you must review some customized and uploaded music videos available online. This can be very beneficial in adding unique branding to your new business. With these intro videos, you can find some that feature playful tunes or glamorous tracks with attention-grabbing lyrics, such as motivational songs. Finding the right music for your business may mean testing out a variety of different sample tracks before finding something that fits the image and style of the brand itself. While this sounds time-consuming, it is one of the best ways to create a professional-looking introductory video representing your company’s values.

Maintain your individuality

Your video channel is an extension of who you are and the personality you’re trying to convey as a creator. The YouTube landscape abounds with tutorials, blog posts, and evaluations on adding visual flair to your intro. Some of those sets may work for your channel; others you’ll want to look at as examples for future endeavors, but ultimately it’s all about what YOU want.

If you’re creating a technical piece, maybe stick with something more traditional so that the first-impression mental image isn’t one of a weirdly smiling animated cat. If you want to stand out from the crowd: do it up! Have fun and make it enjoyable! Maybe create a fun outline for how people should interact with the content inside the video. Nothing stops you from doing whatever you can think of fits your style! Just have fun making it!


Intro videos are videos used to create a sense of identity for a brand. They can be used to introduce the company and help potential customers decide to purchase its products. The purpose of these videos is to help potential customers learn about the company and trust them.


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