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How to save big by buying secondhand camera gear

How to save big by buying secondhand camera gear

Photography is a wonderful hobby, but one that can quickly become expensive. High-quality cameras and lenses are not cheap, and with modern technology advancing swiftly, new camera gear is released often. While upgrading your equipment can make a huge difference to the quality of your photos, bills start to add up and make you question whether you can afford that new piece of kit. But you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot on camera gear. We are here to tell you how you can save big by shopping for your camera equipment secondhand.

Three reasons to consider secondhand camera gear

1. Secondhand gear is cheaper – while still being high-quality

Buying your camera gear derivative is considerably cheaper than buying a brand-new, unused item. Photographers are often careful with their kit and will try to keep it in mint condition. This means that secondhand cameras are in good condition while being available at a lower price, especially if you’re buying your secondary kit from a reputable camera store – but more on that later!

2. Secondhand shopping helps you experiment more

As well as helping you save a bit of cash, the affordability of secondhand gear means that you can experiment with more equipment and techniques and afford more sophisticated pieces of kit.


For example, shopping secondhand may allow you to afford a full-frame mirrorless camera, while a brand-new one would have been too expensive. Similarly, you may find a budget-friendly secondary camera lens capable of sharper and more detailed images than the standard zoom lens you have been looking at in-store.

3. Secondhand shopping lowers your environmental impact

Another benefiting secondhand camera gear shopping is that yoprotectcting the planet. By picking up someone’s old gear they no longer need, you’re saving it from ending up in a landfill. This is a great step towards a circular economy, which is great for the environment.

Is it safe to use secondhand camera gear?

It’s only natural to be wary of purchasing pre-loved camera gear. You ultimately don’t know what the camera has been through before you buy it and can feel a bit nervous about the item failing once you take it home.

To put your mind at ease, we recommend only purchasing secondhand gear from reputable resellers and following this basic checklist before you make a secondary purchase:

  • The camera gear has been checked over by the sales staff
  • The camera gear comes with a warranty and return agreement
  • You are clear about what item you are buying and what it comes with
  • The deal is not “too good to be true.”

How to purchase secondhand camera gear from a safe retailer

Doing a background check on the store you buy secondhand gear from is a good idea. If it is a retailer or online store, it is fairly easy to check customer reviews to see if there are any obvious recurring issues. If you buy privately, such as through eBay or Marketplace, steer clear of sellers with minimal feedback.

A gear secondhand camera store option is Ted’s Cameras. Their Secondhand Camera Gear service refurbishes Mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and digital camera lenses from all popular manufacturers. The team ensures that all equipment turns on and functions properly, does not have any major physical damage, and that all cameras include a battery and charger so you can start using them immediately. Their staff always checks their stock thoroughly before it is accepted for sale.

Ted’s secondhand stock comes with a 1-year warranty in case you do encounter any faults when you are trying out your new gear, while Ted’s 14-day exchange means you can even bring the item back to change it with something else more suitable if you don’t gel with the product right away.

With over 50 years of experience in cameras and plenty of Ted’s Cameras stores nationwide, you can shop secondhand confidently at Ted’s, knowing that returning equipment is simple and worry-free. Enjoy the savings, and make the most of your camera kit’s “new” pieces!

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